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BRUKL Assessment (Non-Domestic)

Any new build non-domestic property has to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations. These Regulations dictate the thermal performance and energy efficiency that the building must achieve in order to be legally compliant.

In order to demonstrate compliance a BRUKL Assessment must be completed at the design stage of a non-domestic project. The BRUKL assessment looks at the construction and services of a proposed building and compares it against the minimum requirements in Part L to determine whether or not the building is compliant or not.

If the building is not compliant then modifications will need to be made to the design prior to construction. Once the building has been constructed a further as-built BRUKL Assessment and accompanying EPC must be produced in order for the building to be signed off as complete by Building Control.

JPM Energy work closely with clients to provide BRUKL assessments and ensure compliance with Part L. As the work is completed remotely JPM Energy can provide BRUKL assessments and new-build EPCs all across England. In order to book an assessment or discuss an enquiry please complete the booking form below.

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